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Blend Creative Team is made up of thinkers, artists, developers, tinkerers, storytellers, communicators and innovators. Let's work together to create something tasty.

We're flexible.

We mainly work remotely ... but our studio is located in the downtown district. Our studio is used for many different creative processes. We have arts and crafts days and photo sessions with our clients and friends.

Our team is diverse.

Get to know us. You’ll find we’re not at all alike. Not even close. But we’re incredibly like-minded, especially when it comes to the creative process and making our peeps happy.

Hi! I’m Shari. (First syllable rhymes with car, bar, far ...) I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, and spent my summers in the tiny town of Salley, S.C. That sort of makes me equal parts city girl and country girl. I’ve used my communications skills for gigs in digital marketing, newspapers, magazines, PR, corporate communications, nonprofit marketing and broadcasting. I consider myself among the lucky ones because I really like what I do. My alma mater is Northwestern University, the place where all this started.

When I have time to spare: I enjoy hiking, reading (preferably on a beach), hanging out with family and friends, trying unfamiliar foods and meeting strangers.

Things I hate: Shopping. That’s about it. So, I probably should edit that subhead to say "The thing ..."

If you hang around me long enough: You’ll get a hug and hear one of my favorite phrases, “Here’s the thing …”


Hey, I’m Charlie. I grew up as a military brat … born in California and raised in Okinawa. Back in Indianapolis. I’ve had the privilege of working with brands such as JVST, Pokémon International, Wyclef Jean Foundation, SEGA, Eidos Interactive, Crystal Dynamics, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Playboy, Capcom, Square Enix and Wargaming.

Weapons of choice: Wacom Cintiq, Bob Ross Gesso, Black Magic India Ink, vintage and digital cameras, Japanese pencils and a broken iPhone 5c, cyan in color. (If you find it please let me know) Update: New Iphone obtained.

Semi-interesting fact: I’m an avid reader of military history, especially about Special Operations units of the Vietnam Conflict. Ask me about it. I'll talk your ear off.


Hey there! I’m Jenny. I’ve lived in seven different Indianapolis zip codes and currently live in Greenwood. I am passionate about good grammar, roller derby and the importance of saying “please” and “thank you.”

My portfolio includes entertainment and travel stories published in newspapers across the United States, lengthy articles about complex legal topics and short-and-snappy blog posts. I can write anything, in any tone for any audience — that’s one of my superpowers.

Likes: Animals, hiking in the woods, winning, traveling, taking pictures of clouds.

Dislikes: Hackneyed phrases (like “thinking outside the box”), hominy, filling out long forms, splinters.

Somewhat-interesting fact: I have been playing the word game Boggle since I was five years old; no one has beaten me at this game in decades (but I kind of wish someone would).

Hi there. The name’s Carly. I was born and raised in Indiana and currently live in the fabulous town of Anderson, northeast of Indianapolis. Some of the brands I’ve written and/or edited for in my career include Grainger, Claire’s, New York Life, Harrison College and Rackspace.

Likes: Photography, video games, summer, good music, cats, the beach, Sriracha, IPAs, good hair days.

Dislikes: Bad grammar, cold weather, slow drivers, flying, storms, public speaking.

Not-that-interesting fact: I can pop my elbows.

Bonjour, je suis Thibaut. I’m from the country of France, and I live in San Francisco. After graduating at the prestigeous Gobelins School of Multimedia in Annecy, I spent time working with the famous French digital agency called Megalo’s before making the decision to move to the Bay. There I met the awesome people at JVST. (Charlie was there) I started as a flash developer, and ended up running the development team within the agency. I also worked at Yahoo! as the Frontend Video Engineer. I worked hand in hand with world class engineers creating Yahoo! Screen and Yahoo! Live. 

When I’m not coding: I’m in my woodworking shop or selling very expensive art to very wealthy people!

Ask me what my favorite thing to say is: I enjoy saying sacrebleu or saperlipopette, but putain! comme naturally.

Sorry I wasn't around for the photoshoot.

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