Take 2.

There comes a time when you need to say, "Let's take it from the top." After
16 successful years in the digital marketing industry, Delivra knew it was time. Time to reflect its evolution as a company. Time for a makeover.

Rebrand? Yes!

A lot goes into a brand redux. It's not just about colors, fonts, design and tone. We listened to Delivra's story and broke out our pencils and paint brushes to start sketching. We drafted numerous marketing concepts before nailing the one that perfectly captured the company's new direction.

The website.


Blend Creative Team wrapped up Delivra's brand assets - "local," "innovative," "friendly" and "knowledgeable" - into an eye-fetching site. But it needed to be more than pretty. It had to tell a story to consumers searching for a robust e-mail software platform, digital marketing insights and tasty Friday lunches. 


Mood + 
Brand book


Signs on a road. Crumbs on a path. Sometimes you need a little direction. Blend Creative Team developed a brand guide that gives Delivra the tools to expand its signature brand across all internal communications and marketing materials.

Do you like swatches?

Over 10 million distinguishable colors exist in the world. Pick a few. They'll help paint the picture of your company. Ready to work on your masterpiece?