fieldcraft survival


Chance encounters. Social media is good at that. Connecting you with people all over the world with similar interests. That's how Blend Creative Team ran into @sofsurvivor. And the timing of this chance encounter was on target. @sofsurvivor, a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, was in the beginning phases of developing  FieldCraft LLC — a survival training program. Blend Creative Team supports the military. We wanted to give back to this guy who dedicated more than 18 years of his life to the service. We connected and offered to help. Then we got busy working on a platform that would accelerate FieldCraft's launch.

Although Xxxxx Xxxxx was stationed on a remote outpost in Xxxxxxxxxxx (we have no idea where and we weren't asking), Blend Creative Team was able to communicate with him online to get ideas about goals and vision. The logo came first. Then we checked FieldCraft's old site. After detecting some bugs, Blend Creative Team decided to start from scratch and give FieldCraft the ability to have a fully functioning website before returning home.


Gathering as much additional intel as we could with our civilian skills, the Blend Creative Team developed an easy-to-navigate site that clearly outlines FieldCraft's mission, delivers options for survival training and gear and, more importantly, helps visitors eager to learn survival skills link up with Special Operations soldiers and Subject Matter Experts in their particular field of expertise.


Still in intel-gathering mode, we took a long look at the analytics for FieldCraft. Blend Creative Team realized most of its incoming traffic was coming from mobile. Making the site responsive was a priority. 


FieldCraft developed survival training to equip American citizens on how to cope in the aftermath of unexpected natural disasters or other life-threatening situations. FieldCraft's tactics, techniques and consultation draw upon the experiences of former Special Operations soldiers during decades of operational experience in hostile environments. Training sessions also feature U.S. Special Forces-approved equipment and incorporate the insights of Experts in various fields.