The Intel.

Brand + Web + Cabinet Design

Create a classic look and feel  that best represents the arcade games of the 1980’s. “SKYCURSER is described as a horizontal, meat-on-metal shoot 'em up (shmup). Right now SKYCURSER is in active development for JAMMA-compatible arcade cabinets.


The Mission.

Three guys - Chris, Phil and Brad - started working on a concept for a videogame. Unlike most people who think of a great idea, they actually started putting in the sweat to make it a reality. The team asked Charlie, another guy, to help design the logo, website and control panel for the arcade cabinet.

The Plot: In the game, the hero Guy Griffin is the last man on Earth. And he's out to destroy the source of a space-based plague that wiped out everybody else on his planet. That's where his advanced warplane, SKYCURSER, comes into gameplay.


Situation report.

After designing the logo and the website, we moved on to create the control panel. Although the main plane in the video game is a modified F-14, we used as our inspiration the legendary SR-71 Blackbird to give the craft a more futuristic feel. Don't tell the CIA.


Meat mode is a go.

After the SKYCURSER team built the cabinet and applied all the graphics with a fresh coat of paint, it launched a demo event to energize the community and gather ideas and reactions for the upcoming levels still in development.


The Airframe Manual


Show your support.

SKYCURSER is in active development. The graphics and gameplay are not yet finalized. It could change. You actually could be the person to make it change. The SKYCURSER dev team is looking for feedback (doesn't matter if it's good or bad). Send your comments to:


Talk to me, Goose.

It's hard being the Top Gun. We know, at times, you may need a co-pilot. We're the crew members who can get you off the runway. "Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby."